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David Frost: Laughing about the Holocaust too?

David Frost: Laughing about the Holocaust too?

The BBC's Disgusting David Frost

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF-Febr. 6th - 2005 - On today's Sunday morning BBC TV show called "Breakfast with Frost", the people supposed to 'review' the British papers picked an item about the illegal US Guantanamo concentration camp, published today in the Observer.* It provoked Frost and his 'guests' to something like 'laughing about Auschwitz': the feared 'Camp Echo' - Guantanamo's detention camp - as 'Holocaust Humor'?.

The story they were laughing about appeared today in the Observer under the title "How I entered the hellish world of Guantanamo Bay", and the man in question - Martin Mubanga, who lives in London - tells how he went on holiday to Zambia, "but ended up spending 33 months in Guantanamo Bay, some of the time in the feared Camp Echo." Free at last and still protesting his innocence, he told the full story to David Rose of the Observer.*

And Frost and friends - in their low level propaganda act - actually were laughing about all illegally kidnapped, jailed and tortured human beings, who dare to claim justice from their collaborating governments.

In England this is the despicable group [] around british Prime War Criminal and Minister, Tony 'the Traitor' Blair. Frost's Quislings snickered knowingly and beamed: "well, our government hasn't even said anything about this'', dismissing the global tragedy behind similar stories from Guantanamo as a bunch of allegations and lies by the victims. ['Rendition' -]


After his arrival back in England the police concluded, within just a few hours, that there was NO evidence to sustain charges of any form of terrorism. And apparently all the blatant maltreatment and suffering was enough of a reason for Frost and his guests to laugh?

Do they laugh about the Holocaust too? About Stalin's Gulag concentration camps? Or about the more than one-hundred-thousand killed Iraqis* ? [Url.:] Are they not ashamed of their own murderous support, and the BBC's advocating* of the present and global killing spree by the US and it's so called 'allies'?

As is known - and again pointed out in a small part of the british media: "His allegations about his treatment at Guantánamo echo similar claims by other freed detainees, and information from American official sources. In December, US civil rights groups obtained more than 4,000 pages of documents under the Freedom of Information Act about the abusive treatment of detainees.

They included memos by FBI men who visited Guantánamo, the US internment camp set up on American territory on the island of Cuba in early 2002 which still houses over 500 'enemy combatants' despite attracting international criticism, and reported their concerns to their superiors."


It doesn't help either, nor impress this breed of 'elitist junkies', those people with a degenerated mentality like Frost and his ilk, that yesterday again the UN raised concerns over Guantanamo prisoners [] or that last Friday another memo by the US military's Southern Command was leaked to the Associated Press:

"It described videotapes of assaults on prisoners by Guantánamo's 'Instant Reaction Force' or 'IRF', a riot squad deployed against prisoners deemed to have broken the camp's rules." Maybe more to laugh about for the collaborators of the "Coalition of the Killing"?

With everything which is already known about the US NOT being benevolent, but a bully, there's the gruesome fact that the US Senate last Thursday [Feb. 03-2005] confirmed Alberto Gonzales to be 'Attorney General. The fact that this criminal -[who because of his raping of all laws belongs in Court]- explained that the US president at his own whim and/or empirical behest can have extradited, tortured, killed or maltreated anybody anywhere in the whole world, is globally seen as the last nail in the US coffin for Human Rights.

When David Frost decades ago became 'part of the power' and - like many so called 'journalists' - was absorbed by the unethical establishment that runs the show in the United Kingdom, Frost lost all touch with honest journalism. Like with the United States, the same ridicule and treat with contempt goes for Frost: there's hardly anything left of the former good name, nor slightly positive image. Time came for Frost years ago to stop the usual propaganda for the BBC, and he should just lecture to friends, after retirement in Israel, as sometimes is suggested? [].

There are concentration camps there too: in the memories of those who survived earlier fascism and Hitler's Holocaust, and in the minds of all those Palestinians and other people, which already for decades have been maltreated in Israeli concentration camps.* It can be said now, because: "It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the state of Israel. " Colin Powell remarked in his speech at "The Conference on Anti-Semitism of The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe", last year on April 28th, 2004.

The date when Frost sold himself was when he was 'knighted', and degenerated into 'Sir Frost', genuflecting for the Power. He and the brainless flock of Blair's 'fellow travellers' ought to think about what was said by an earlier american president: "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. - Theodore Roosevelt.

But like Karl Rove in the US, and in England too in the global cover-up, the ''masters of spin, smear and sleaze allegations" rule the media waves, and Blair again is supported by someone who like Rove is one of Goebbel's adepts Labour Party's former chief spin-doctor, Alistair Campbell a man who certainly laughs about concentration camps too.

Anno 2005 a wise man like Roosevelt wouldn't have a chance,
and he'd certainly be arrested for "anti-american" behaviour.


Revealed: Britain's role in Guantanamo abductions - Freed detainee tells of horrors in US terror camp - David Rose - Sunday February 6, 2005 - The Observer - Url.: Url.:

Blair's Biased Corporation - BBC - "A study of coverage concerning the run up and support for the war in Iraq in five countries, for the (very conservative) 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung', shows that the BBC featured the lowest level of dissent of all.

The BBC's 2% total was even lower than the 7% found on the US channel ABC." !
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The Hellish world of Guantanamo Bay - The Observer:
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About 'Breakfast with Frost' - see the latest broadcast, if
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