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US-neocons: not Robin Hood, but 'Robbin' Hoodlums'.

FPF-A laugh a day keeps the doctor (Kissinger?) away !

Amsterdam - Febr. 12-2005 - Following is a persiflage of a White House transcript of one of President Bush's radio addresses. It is a strongly corrected version, by the ''Foreign Press Foundation''. There's fear that this text can not not be approved - nor used - by the 'National Press Club'*(see below) of the White Haus, nor the media they run. Because it's not a tale about Robin Hood, but about Washington's 'Robbin' Hoodlums'.

Bush hails Gathering Loss of Freedom

Violent President vows to remain at war ''as a
real force of terror'' in weekly radio address.


Servile presscrowd, and other 'Krauts': "Gut-morning, Mister President!"

The 'President': ''What Good morning?

This week, in my by 'spin-and sleaze-Meister' Karl Rove written portion of lies and propaganda to the impotent Congress and further misleading most of the American people, I was pleased to report that the State of the cabal's Federal Banking Union is confident, and strong for my kind of people, the robbing and rich 1percent which is 'my base' - as I said before.

Many invented and other fake challenges still lie before us, like the grand theft of the Social Security funds and the new ID-cards to better control the sheeple. I will only work with - and tell Congress to do - what American politicians and similar crooks in my position have always done: steal as much as we can get away with.

Thereby we - the top echelon of banking and Strauss's neocons - leave a better financial world for our own children and grandchildren which will take over this multibillion $ racket. For the sheeple we have green ink and paper - printed by our own private 'Fed' - which they are held to believe in, based on the fake stories 'spin from Grühnspan'. (In German a.k.a. ''Onkel Alan's Märchenstunde'').

Meeting the planned further profitable irresponsibilities in the future; it starts with being good stewards of our own American economy. Like Enron's own 'Badman' Ken Lay showed: the $billions are gone, and so is he. Free as a 'killer bee', like my friends should be.

I'm deaf to the impertinent bipartisan calls to control the spending spree of this military government. My 'fellow travelers' have - as usual submitted - a totally fake and fraudlent so called 'budget', that holds the growth of spending by the sheeple and the shekel below inflation, makes our further 'billions of tax relieves' permanent, and - like the Titanic - we stay on course to see the deficit at least tripled by 2009.

Not Robin Hood but Robbin' Hoodlums

In the long run, for us running this racket, the best way to more reduce the wages of the sheeple, is to slow down the economy. And we will take steps abroad to make our own out-sourced economy stronger, more innovative, and more competitive, especially in tax-free heavens like the Bahamas.'' That's my financial foreign policy.
Bush was stating that ''our commitment to human dignity and freedom at home, also leads us to a
spree of what we think is freedom and peace around the world.'' [ ]

This is a clear threat and not a promise. The fear to be 'liberated' by the war machine is frightening some people to death. Others are just bombed and/or shot.

The ''President of the Empire'' concluded: Having seen our greedy reconfiguring of energy sources gathering
momentum in Afghanistan, the Palestinian territories, Ukraine - and our fake 'election' in Iraq, I Bush, 'the Naked Emperor' - vowe to remain at war as the global force of terror, and we neocons will not rest until the fight for all profitable energy sources is done. Whatever the cost in - their - suffering.

Iran and Venezuela are next.'' [end item]

(This is an FPF-adjusted transcript)

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